30 Day IBD Bootcamp

Hey IBD Warrior!

Don’t let inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) keep you from the life you want. Change your lifestyle…change your life!

If you …

  • Struggle to find your safe and triggers foods…
  • Want to get more out of your day even when you are low energy…
  • Battle against stress and anxiety…
  • Want to be a part of a supportive community…

Then 30 Day IBD Bootcamp is for you!!

Having an IBD can be scary and isolating. Every aspect of life is filled with uncertainty. That uncertainty often creates overwhelming fear and anxiety. Many of us become paralyzed by that fear and crippled by the constant pain of our symptoms.

When I was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s at 8 years old, I thought my life was over before it began. I tried medication after medication and bounced from doctor to doctor. I never felt any relief from my symptoms and experienced horrible side effects from the medications. After a decade of medication failures and dismissive doctors, I decided to try the natural route and began making changes to my lifestyle. These little changes created a little relief from my suffering. Over time, those little changes became big changes. The little bits of relief I felt eventually became medication-free remission.

When I talk to others with IBD about my experience, many don’t believe it’s possible for them. They tell me, “You’re just lucky. You must have not been very sick.” It’s so sad to see they have lost all hope. But the truth is, I was incredibly sick for over 15 years before I started to heal and get better. I went from constant hospital visits, blood transfusions, handfuls of pills each day and never-ending pain to a healthy, thriving young woman. There isn’t anything special about me. You can improve your life too!

I created this 30 day program using some of the tools that have been most helpful to me. A detailed food journal, a daily routine, and mindfulness. These three things might not seem like much, especially for those of us that have taken harsh prescriptions for years and still found no relief. But what we eat, what we do, and what we think impacts every aspect of our lives.

During our 30 days together, you will:

  • Begin to narrow down safe/trigger foods
  • Get the most out of your energy by creating a schedule you actually want to stick to
  • Start cleaning up your thoughts through daily journaling and establishing a mindfulness practice
  • Start low impact daily exercise
  • Have weekly group Zoom meetings and interactions between participants
  • Have one-on-one weekly email check-ins (option to upgrade to weekly 1hr phone/video coaching)
  • Create a support system (FB support group included)

By the end of the 30 days, you will learn that food is not the enemy. A schedule isn’t a prison, it’s actually freedom. And that what you think, you feel.

No, your IBD won’t be cured … but hopefully your quality of life will be greatly improved.

Change can be scary, but it can also be EXCITING! Let’s decide to embrace change and step out of our comfort zones, together.

*Must be 18 or older to participate*

Next Bootcamp: TBA

Cost: $300 ($75 upgrade for one-on-one coaching)

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Learn more about me and my Crohn’s journey …

Why I Became The IBD Life Coach

Today, I’m so grateful for my disease and the constant struggles it has brought into my life. I’m stronger than Crohn’s disease and it took going through hell for me to realize that for myself. Now I use what I have learned through the many hardships and tough lessons I’ve experienced throughout my life to help others find a way out of the darkness.

Childhood Crohn’s Diagnosis

Being diagnosed with Crohn’s as a child made life very difficult. Feeling like I had no one to talk to made that struggle so much harder than it needed to be.

Food Journal

A food journal is a great tool for IBD warriors wanting to figure out what they can eat…and what to avoid. FREE food journal template included.

We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

Joseph Campbell

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