Life Coaching, Mindfulness & Yoga


Growing up an only child with severe Crohn’s disease in a single parent household created a lot of major challenges in my life. Ultimately, the biggest challenge I had to face was myself and the detrimental beliefs I had formed.

I used to think that being afraid was a good reason to stop. Now I realize that being afraid doesn’t have to be a roadblock. Fear can be the fuel for life-changing adventures and unbelievable personal growth.

Individually, life coaching, mindfulness and yoga have amazing benefits and when they are combined, truly incredible things happen!

Face your fears and start living the life you want, not the one you think you’re stuck with.

Nurture Your Mind-Body Connection.

What we think, we feel. Healing and growth starts in the mind. Becoming aware of what we really want and need is the key to transformation. Mindfulness is a powerful tool to create meaningful change our lives. If you’re a woman or an IBD warrior ready to heal from the inside out, schedule your FREE 30-min consultation today! Virtual and in-person (South Austin only) options available.

Women’s Life Coaching

Find your voice and make yourself a priority!

IBD Life Coaching

Learn about my Crohn’s journey and how I can help you heal your body and mind. A diagnosis isn’t the end of your life, it’s the beginning of a new one.

Mind & Body Experience

Reconnect your body and mind with life coaching and your choice of a walk, yoga and/or meditation.

I love working with Tiffany! I’ve been doing yoga with her for three months. It has been so enriching that I have decided to start working with her as a life coach!


Tiffany is great! She’s helpful and listens well. She def gives me hope with my Crohn’s diagnosis. There’s a lot I need to do from my end still but hoping that she can continue to have ideas and be an encouragement.


A new life starts with new choices.

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