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Say ‘HELLO’ to your new accountabilibuddy!

Let’s Get Moving!

Who holds you accountable?

Most of us struggle to hold ourselves accountable which often leads to falling short of our goals. Having someone supportive in your life to keep you focused and driven is so beneficial. An accountabilibuddy (accountability partner) checks in with you and motivates you to stay on track by providing constructive feedback and encouragement.

I’m offering one-on-one life coaching sessions that include your choice of a walk, yoga, or meditation. Coupling coaching with exercise can have tremendous benefits and help you accomplish more in less time. Together we will work through the obstacles and excuses that have been keeping you from achieving your goals.

Ready to book your Mind & Body Experience?

Choose from the options below. Prices listed are for 1st time customers only! Contact me for scheduling and package pricing!

60 min Walk & Talk

Cost: $35 (Phone calls only)

Enjoy some fresh air while you walk and talk your way to a healthier life.

Let’s spend an hour walking and talking about how to move your life in the direction you want.

60 min Talk & Yoga

Cost: $35

Connect with yourself in this one hour session.

You will spend 30 mins moving your body and 30 mins discussing the obstacles keeping you from living your best life.

90 min Talk & Yoga

Cost: $55

Show yourself some love with 90 mins of you time!

You decide how your time is divided. 60 min talk with 30 min yoga or 60 min yoga with 30 min talk.

45 min Talk & Meditation

Cost: $20

Short on time but still want to work on your mental health?

In this 45 min session, we will discuss how you can create a life you love and end with a 10-15 min meditation.

Not sure where to begin? Schedule your 30 minute complimentary consultation and let’s discuss how to get you moving forward.

The human body can withstand and accomplish a hell of a lot more than most of us think possible, and it all begins and ends in the mind.

David Goggins

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