Tiffany is great! She’s helpful and listens well. She def gives me hope with my Crohn’s diagnosis. There’s a lot I need to do from my end still but hoping that she can continue to have ideas and be an encouragement.


Although I’m not exactly the most fit or yoga person Tiffany works well with giving you the patience needed. I feel motivated and love learning from her. She does a great job in making you feel you are doing well even if you know you are not. Ha Ha! I really appreciate her encouragement and would recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning yoga. She will teach you outside on a beautiful day or inside whatever you prefer. I often feel like my day will have less stress when I work on yoga with Tiffany. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and motivation Tiffany. You are wonderful!


This was my first time taking a yoga class. Tiffany was very helpful and patient with me. I will definitely take her class again.


Tiffany is a wonderful friend and yoga teacher!! I love how she does her yoga sequences and she has an awesome style of communication. She motivates me to do my best.


This was my 2nd time to do a yoga class in the past several weeks. I took Miss Tiffany’s class recently and was impressed with her knowledge of yoga. She was a sweet and patient instructor. I will definitely attend her class again.


I had never done yoga before so I was a little nervous about it. My daughter and I attended a goat yoga event led by Tiffany and had a blast!! Then I began having private sessions with Tiffany and have loved the progress I have been making! Well yoga is definitely a thing for me now thanks to Tiffany!


Tiffany was such a great teacher of yoga for a beginner like myself. She was so patient and had many modifications for my 5 yr old daughter as well. It was such a great experience and I would definitely love to work with Tiffany again!


Tiffany does an amazing job! She’s always so easy going and approachable and never makes anyone feel intimidated during her classes, even all the beginners! She is the main instructor for our goat yoga classes and teaches up to 8 classes in two days for us on a regular basis. I love her style and would definitely attend her regular classes or hire her for private instruction.


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