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After I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 8 years old, I spent the next decade taking medication after medication. I never got better and then had to deal with all the side effects. When I gave up on all that, I tried herbal supplements for a few years. Still no relief from my symptoms. Out of desperation, I started making changes in my life. These little changes brought a little bit of relief. Eventually, those little changes became big lifestyle changes and that little bit of relief became remission. It didn’t happen over night but the positive health impacts have been long lasting. It takes work every day but I would rather work to thrive than work to survive. How about you?

Join my IBD 30 Day Bootcamp and improve your life through lifestyle changes!

August 1-30, 2020

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Do you struggle to find things to eat that don’t make you sick? Eating when you have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can be scary and stressful.

There are so many diets out there claiming to heal IBD but our bodies aren’t one size fits all. Our diet can’t be either. Let’s talk about eating for our body, our safe and trigger foods, our food fears and how food doesn’t have to be our enemy.

Join the discussion on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 at 6-7pm CST.

These talks are a place to express yourself to others dealing with the same struggles you’re going through. Learn from each other’s experiences and find your tribe!

Are your relationships strained or hanging on by a thread?

Having inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can be very isolating. Humans are social creatures. We all need a support system and meaningful connection with others. The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.

Let’s talk about how we can create a support system and improve the quality of our relationships.

Join the discussion on Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 6-7pm CST.

Are stress and anxiety your biggest triggers?

For many of us with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), getting trapped in a cycle of stress and anxiety exacerbates our symptoms. Being stuck in this cycle can keep us from the life we want. How many times have you end up cancelling plans you were looking forward to because the anxiety around the event drove you into a flare? Maybe so many times that you eventually stopped making plans all together.

We don’t have to live in a never ending cycle of anxiety. Learn about and discuss The Mind-Body Connection with others dealing with the same anxieties you’re dealing with.

Join the discussion on Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 6-7pm CST.

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