Hi, I’m Tiffany.

I’m a Certified Life Coach and Yoga Instructor. I use my experience thriving despite a lifetime of Crohn’s disease to help others live their best lives. I would love to be your guide on your sustainable lifestyle journey!


What I Do

Life Coaching

Let’s work together to tackle the obstacles keeping you from living a life you love! You’ll have all the support and encouragement you need to create the life you actually want.

Yoga & Meditation

Whether you’re starting a new practice or are looking to go a little deeper, I’m here for you. Schedule a private session today! Free videos coming soon!

Take Action!

If you’re looking to get engaged in your life, I’ve got what you need! From a monthly book club and social groups to programs and challenges, I’ve got what you’re looking for. Check back periodically for new ways to take action!

Meet me

Tiffany Maurer


Years of Life


Years of Crohn’s


Countries Explored


Loving My Life


I created this 30 day program using some of the tools that have been most helpful to me in my battle with Crohn’s disease. A detailed food journal, a daily routine, and mindfulness. These three things might not seem like much, especially for those of us that have taken harsh prescriptions for years and still found no relief. But what we eat, what we do, and what we think influences every aspect of our lives.

  • Find safe/trigger foods
  • Better utilize your energy
  • Mental and physical exercises
  • Support & community


What They’re Saying

Life Coaching

Tiffany is great! She’s helpful and listens well. She def gives me hope with my Crohn’s diagnosis. There’s a lot I need to do from my end still but hoping that she can continue to have ideas and be an encouragement.



Tiffany does an amazing job! She’s always so easy going and approachable and never makes anyone feel intimidated during her classes, even all the beginners! She is the main instructor for our goat yoga classes and teaches up to 8 classes in two days for us on a regular basis. I love her style and would definitely attend her regular classes or hire her for private instruction.



I had never done yoga before so I was a little nervous about it. My daughter and I attended a goat yoga event led by Tiffany and had a blast!! Then I began having private sessions with Tiffany and have loved the progress I have been making! Well yoga is definitely a thing for me now thanks to Tiffany!


Learn more about me and what I do…

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