Hi, my name is Tiffany Maurer. I’m a Certified Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

My name is Tiffany Maurer. I have struggled with health and fitness my entire life. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at an early age and have been trying to find a sustainable healthy lifestyle balance ever since.

Yoga and meditation became a big part of that balance for me. So much so that I attended two yoga teacher trainings while living in Ecuador and Mexico and became a certified instructor.

Accepting my illness and taking responsibility for my life has allowed me to become the adventurous person I once thought I could never be. Implementing a mindful approach to all things has been a major game changer. I am now using my life lessons to help others on their health and fitness journey. I am in certified life coaching, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and mindfulness.

My health has gone through many ups and downs over the years but since achieving remission (without medication), I’m so grateful it has remained consistent despite the many tests it’s been given.

If you are ready to start making changes in your life, connect with me and start creating the life you actually want! Head over to my life coaching page and schedule your COMPLIMENTARY consultation today.

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