Nissa D. (Yoga)

Although I’m not exactly the most fit or yoga person Tiffany works well with giving you the patience needed. I feel motivated and love learning from her. She does a great job in making you feel you are doing well even if you know you are not. Ha Ha! I really appreciate her encouragement and would recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning yoga. She will teach you outside on a beautiful day or inside whatever you prefer. I often feel like my day will have less stress when I work on yoga with Tiffany. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and motivation Tiffany. You are wonderful! 🙂

Published by A Texan’s Fitness

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease at age 8. I struggled for almost two decades to get control of my body... and my life. Gradually, I learned how to naturally reduce inflammation and calm my anxiety and depression. I have now been in remission without medication for years and have dedicated my life to helping others suffering from IBD get their lives back. If you would like support in your journey to remission, reach out! I would love to help you live the life you want!!